Quinto Quarto Quarterly


Quinto Quarto Quarterly is a limited print-only publication featuring interviews with three artists.

The images within the interviews are incidental objects from the respective artist’s life; items which may either be quickly thrown away or cherished for decades. Whatever the particular item’s fate, it effectively made up the fabric of the creative environment for some period.

This alchemy of marginal and centerstage also spills over into the interviewed artists themselves. Quinto quarto is literally translated from Italian as the fifth quarter. This is mathematically curious unless you know the phrase designates dividing animal meat in pre-modern Rome: The "first" quarter of meat going to nobles, the "second" going to clergy, the "third" to the bourgeoise, and the "fourth" to the military. What was left, the “fifth” was the leftovers, the offal for the proles, the rest of us. Contemporarily, you have upscale restaurants serving the fifth quarter as delicacies. QQQ aims to pull from the marginal delicacies, those artists or figures who perhaps work better outside the $100 steak dinner and yet, in time, or whenever, become so admired and so delicious they transform any category or hierarchy whatsoever. Bon appetite. ——————————

Jess Scott
Editor + Publisher
Los Angeles.

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