trump is Collapse 

This is a free, customizable template of protest flyers
made for sharing digitally or in-print before Nov. 3, ‘20.

To start, here are 29 essential topics among myriad of essential
topics that are threatned to collapse under four more years of
not only a dangerous person, but the ambitiously inept rat line
that follows him.

These posters may be shared in the days leading up to the
election, or make your own. ︎ 

Make your own 

︎  Each topic is cited with a reputable source,
and is merely a scratch on the surface of research.
︎  Ways to rip-n-share: screenshot (Shift+cmd+4),
right-click, or download ︎︎︎

︎︎︎Letter B/W.      ︎︎︎Letter Color.     ︎︎︎Tabloid B/W.     ︎︎︎Tabloid Color.


* QQQ Press is print-only but, time is of the essence.  Go go go︎